The Targeted management team has worked together in equipment finance for over twenty-five years and brings extensive industry knowledge and disciplined portfolio management to our financial offerings.


Performance tested

Our time-tested credit philosophy and risk-based modeling has consistently generated above average returns with low loss rates.  All systems and financial results are SOC and GAAP compliant.



The TLC Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) is collateralized by essential income-producing equipment and is personally guaranteed by the principals of the business.  Liens are perfected on all collateral via a UCC-1 or vehicle title and monthly payments are electronically deducted from the business checking account.


Loan Sourcing

TLC stratifies its portfolio by industries, states, and equipment types which presents the opportunity for custom-built portfolios managed for predetermined concentration thresholds.



TLC operates on a customized Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint platform including underwriting, electronic documentation, accounting, reporting, and billing functionality complimented by proprietary risk-based modeling and a knowledgeable team.


Portfolio Management

TLC provides monthly servicing for all purchased portfolios including billing, collections, remittance, reporting, and asset management.